You only have seven short seconds to engage a user.

We make that time count.

How exactly can brands use that time wisely?

We think it comes down to telling amazing stories.

But it is difficult to get users to pay attention. You know this.

Because the digital space is so crowded, there has to be a really good reason users would want to come to you instead of someone else. But instead of being more sales-y, we think brands should have more customer empathy. Fundamentally, that means you should start with your audience’s most deeply-rooted problems and arrive at how you will help them solve them.

What We Do

Our mission is to democratize information in niches where users are really riled up. And to do that, we start media brands from scratch.

The first brand we started was theRising, a publication and insights company focused on uncovering how changes in the environment impact business, tech, and politics.

And like the sustainability niche, we are always looking for new areas to expand into.

As content creators ourselves, we understand the challenges associated with writing and making videos.

It’s tough work! And we have seen software make our lives easier.

Content creators should be able to focus on the one thing they do best: creating the best content. 

And they are better at doing that when our software helps them build strong communities and monetization strategies around their work.

At 7 Second Media, content is core to almost everything that we do. And we have seen how focusing on content has helped our own business, so we bring that expertise to help our clients too.

The strategies we employ to help our clients are far from theoretical. Often, they are ones that we have leveraged ourselves.

Whether it is website copywriting, SEO copywriting for company blogs, ghostwriting for CEOs of major companies, or something else, we are the experts, especially when it comes to written content.

We are and support content creators

As content creators ourselves, we understand the difficulties associated with creating awesome content.

We build tools to make that process easier so you can focus on your craft.

 And that’s probably what matters most to you anyway.

... and help brands create compelling content

It isn’t enough to just have your company website up these days. You have to be putting up consistent, compelling content in order to capture the attention of your customers.

We get that it can be tough though, so we’re here to help.


We customize our strategies to best serve our clients.

Content Strategy

We help identify high-intent keywords and target them with content for our clients.

SEO Copywriting

Compelling, SEO-optimized sales copy is one-in-a-million. You'll know it when you see it.


Founders are a huge part of their companies' success. We help them gain a voice in major publications.


Our clients come first.

Steven has exceeded expectations every time we have worked together. I tried out four writers while trying to pitch Business Insider for a byline. Steven dug deep, helped me put together a personal story, and got me in on the first try. I couldn't recommend him enough.
Immy Tariq
Immy Tariq, CEO of Webmetrix Group

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At 7 Second Media, we always look forward to hearing from successful companies looking to take their content strategy to the next level or partners looking to work with our media brands. So what are you waiting for?